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Sports rehabilitation is focused on helping athletes get back in the game as quickly and as safely as possible. You can’t just force an injured player to start training again. They need to recover properly, and the only way they can do that is with enough rest.

But there are a few ways to bring them back to optimal health much quicker. There are treatments that can help reduce their down time. Low level laser therapy, for example, is being called a “no-pill pain buster” because of the way it works.

LLLT is finding global success thanks to its benefits—and the safety of the procedure. You may hear “laser” and think it’s going to be painful, but it actually does not involve heat.

Why Is LLLT Effective?

Athletes Get Back in the GameSports injuries can cause trauma which damages the cells that make up the soft tissues. These damaged cells will release chemicals that provoke the natural inflammatory response in the body. This leads to swelling, redness, warmth, and of course, pain.

Injured players won’t be able to train or participate in games that matter to them. This is particularly devastating for professional athletes. But their health is always the top priority, so treatment must be done in the most comfortable way possible.

Luckily, low level laser therapy is about as comfortable as it gets. The application of LLLT reduces short-term inflammation, meaning it can ease the pain without making use of prescription painkillers.

Laser therapy reduces the swelling and the pain in the affected areas while providing deep tissue therapy. This accelerates the recovery process while making the patient feel more comfortable. Additionally, laser therapy reduces the risk of arthritis, which is also frequently caused by sports injuries.

All of these things don’t just apply to elite athletes. Anyone with an active lifestyle can overexert themselves or get injured while training.

How Does It Work?

LLLT works through the process of photobiostimulation. This means that specific wavelengths of light are used to stimulate the chemically damaged cells. The cell membrane within the skin absorbs these photons via a photochemical effect. This triggers a biological response that allows the body to repair itself naturally.

Because of the way it functions, LLLT does not cause heat damage to the tissues. This is what makes low level laser therapy a painless procedure. LLLT counters the stimulation of the pain cycle that was caused by chemical reactions. LLLT excites kinetic energy within the cells by transmitting these healing stimuli that are photons.

LLLT and Sports Injuries

Low level laser therapy works well for sports injuries, particularly jumper’s knee, tennis elbow, hip bursitis, and Achilles tendonitis. It also reduces pain after treatment in acute neck pain and up to 22 weeks after completion of treatment.

LLLT has positive effects on skeletal muscle fatigue caused by excessive exercise. It also works wonders for all sorts of body pain like neck pain, lower back pain, etc. If you are experiencing sprains and strains due to your physical activities, this type of treatment might work wonders for you.

In fact, low level laser therapy is being used by professional sports teams as a core part of their treatment programs. The process provides pain relief while accelerating recovery. Teams in the NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL have used LLLT for their athletes.

Try it out and experience the benefits of low level laser therapy. Look for an LLLT provider near you today!

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