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How Chiropractors Treat Neck Pain

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Chiropractors are medical professionals who have studied and mastered the science of chiropractic. It involves manipulation and adjustment of spinal vertebrae, joints and soft tissue. All this is done without the use of any medicinal drugs and now more and more people are turning to chiropractic care for neck pain in TC MI. The main reason of the increased number of chiropractic patients is its effectiveness. A chiropractor treats the problem and not the symptoms. This technique is very effective as it prevents the problem i.e. neck injuries, whiplash from getting worse. Furthermore, some patients have reported overall good health after visiting a chiropractor for neck pain.

How Chiropractors Treat Neck Pain in TC MI

Diagnosis of Neck Pain

Unlike other forms of medicine, chiropractic aims to treat the whole body rather than the specific area experiencing illness. In chiropractic, it is believed that the whole body works like a machine with the neural system being the interconnection between different parts of the body. A problem in the neural system can manifest in other areas of the body as well. So when you visit a chiropractor with neck complications, you can expect him or her to evaluate the health of your whole spine. The problem in your neck could be emanating from your thoracic (mid-back) or lumbar (lower back) vertebrae. After this evaluation, the chiropractor will determine which treatment procedure is best for you.

Which Procedure is Used in Diagnosing Neck Complications?

The chiropractor will use a physical approach to diagnosing your problem that will involve a physical examination. If you are experiencing neck pain in TC Michigan, your chiropractor will observe some things such as your posture, range of movement in your neck as well as how your spinal column is aligned. Afterwards, you can expect a medical history inquiry to know if you have any previous health issues. It is just the same procedure you take at your physician’s office. The chiropractor could additionally do some imaging on your neck (i.e. MRI or x-ray exam) to know the root cause of your neck pain. The physical exam can take five to twenty minutes after which the chiropractor will have a treatment plan for you.

How is Neck Pain Treated?

Some procedures can be combined to alleviate neck pain. Manual therapy and spinal manipulation are more popular with chiropractors. Some of the manual therapy techniques include joint stretching, resistance and soft tissue therapy. The former may increase your range of motion of your cervical vertebrae. Soft tissue therapy may involve the use of specialized instruments to alleviate tension in soft tissue. Another common procedure is the trigger point therapeutic procedure, which treats tight muscles, and specific points that are ailing. Chiropractors can also incorporate a massage therapy procedure in a bid to help relax tension in the neck muscles.

Other Techniques That Can be Used

Flexion distraction is a chiropractic technique that is based on spinal manipulation. It is used to align intervertebral discs using pumping force. Spinal manipulation is common used for neck pain in Traverse City Mi, this is because spinal manipulation has an overall effect to the neck by potentially restoring the movement of your joints. Problems such as stiff neck and whiplash injuries may be treated this way also.

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