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Chiropractic is a form of medicine, which involves manipulation of the spine and joints to treat nerve, body and bone problems. Sometimes during manipulation a popping sound can occur that leaves people wondering…what is that sound and is it safe?  Not to worry, the popping sound is just little pockets of air being released as the joint is moved during the adjustment. So when you hear a popping sound during chiropractic in Traverse City, know that it is totally okay!

Why Does the Neck and Spine Pop During Adjustments?

After the physical examination (discussed below) the chiropractor can now determine which vertebra needs to be adjusted. For example, if you were having back pain, the chiropractor can perform spinal manipulation. The D.C administers a controlled force on the vertebra to align it with the others. During this manipulation, a popping sound may be heard. This is a result of air that is trapped in the joints escaping. This phenomenon is called cavitation.

Yeah But…Is the Popping Sound Harmful?

Chiropractic Traverse CityFor many people seeking chiropractic care in Traverse City, the popping sound in their back or neck causes concern or worry. However, cavitation (popping) is nothing to be worried about. It occurs when space is made between a joint and trapped air escapes creating the popping sound. This is not harmful at all and will not deteriorate the current condition of your spine. Actually, the same thing happens when you crack your knuckles and hear a popping sound.

So, now that we know that the popping sound is totally normal and does not cause harm, let’s talk about what to expect when you first arrive for chiropractic in Traverse City. When you arrive, a chiropractor will carry out an examination to determine which vertebra to adjust to rid the neural system of any subluxations. In chiropractic, it is believed that all human illnesses stem from a problem in the spine. Fixing these problems will not heal your body immediately but rather help allow your body to heal gradually. When you opt for chiropractic treatments, you may get some adjustments where a popping sound will be produced but remember this is totally normal and safe.

A chiropractor’s office is somewhat similar to a normal physician’s office. You will be given some forms to fill out. The purpose of the forms is to gather background information about your health issues. In some offices, you will be asked about your symptoms on the form, make sure to fill this out completely as small details can mean a lot during diagnosis. Family medical history is also very important so come prepared! You will also be asked to shed light on any prior injuries and treatments for your current issues. Here are some of the questions to expect…

  • When did the pain start bothering you?
  • Describe the pain, is it a throbbing pain, is it localized, is it dull or mild, etc.?
  • Where does your body hurt?
  • Do you suspect the pain is a result of an injury?

The Chiropractic Examination

The physical examination may involve tests such as checking your blood pressure, pulse and reflexes. Neurological tests may also be incorporated into the exam. The chiropractor can also assess your posture and see if it is the cause of the problem. Once diagnosed and treatments begin, you may be given some light exercises, especially around the affected area.

In closing…the bottom line is, the popping sound heard while getting a chiropractic adjustment is perfectly normal and safe. There is no cause for worry, it’s just a part of getting the joints back in line so you can begin getting relief from the pain you have been experiencing. You might even say the popping sound is the first step to getting pain relief.

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