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They say it is much easier to raise healthy kids than to try and solve health problems for adults. This is the main idea behind why chiropractic treatment is a great choice for infants and children.

Studies have shown that pediatric chiropractic care can help reduce or even eliminate a number of symptoms or causes related to colic, ear infections, digestive problems, sleeping problems, and the common cold. It has even been shown to help with allergies and asthma.

Chiropractors work on restoring the balance and alignment of the spine and nervous system. This can fix many problems within the body, or simply allow it to repair itself optimally. Whether it’s an infant, toddler, tween, teen, young adult, or other adults, poor alignment in the spine leads to a number of unpleasant effects. It can irritate the nervous system or make the person more susceptible to a variety of medical conditions and other ailments.

Alignment Issues in Infants and Children

The birthing process can put a considerable amount of stress and tension on the infant’s spine, nervous system, and entire body—no matter how natural, quick, or normal it is. In adults, if the nervous system isn’t functioning optimally, it can cause aches and pains. This is the reason most adults seek treatment from a chiropractor.

For infants, nervous system stress and dysfunction may cause common health problems like ear infections, reflux, colic, constipation, sleep difficulty, and digestive problems. They may also experience difficulty breastfeeding.
Gentle chiropractic adjustments can relieve the stress in the infant’s nervous system that results from the birthing process.

These adjustments can reduce, avoid, or eliminate these problems entirely. During their formative years, toddlers suffer from many minor spills and accidents because they are not exactly graceful yet. Since they are still learning to walk, it’s not unusual for toddlers to fall more than a dozen times a day. They fall on their rear ends, their limbs, or even on their heads. These incidents can lead to misalignment.

The same goes for older children who can have accidents while on their roller blades, bikes, or during sports activities. While most kids bounce back quickly, multiple ‘minor’ accidents can be quite problematic as they cumulatively add up and cause long term spine and nervous system issues. Regular chiropractic adjustments help mitigate and prevent long term problems and chronic pain.

Is Chiropractic Care Safe for Infants and Children?

The short answer is yes: chiropractic care is safe for most children. However, parents will want to look for a chiropractor who specializes in pediatric care. They are certified by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

The treatment they provide is extremely gentle. It equals roughly the same weight of force comparable to a fingertip. During the treatment, the chiropractor will first demonstrate the level of pressure that would occur during the adjustment to the parent and child. This lets them know what to expect.

Many parents are pleasantly surprised by the mildness of the treatment. Before performing any adjustments, the chiropractor will conduct an evaluation to determine what issues the child is struggling with.

Visit a chiropractic clinic near you today and learn more about spinal adjustments and their benefits.

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