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Not only is there no known cure for fibromyalgia, but it is also notoriously difficult to diagnose in the first place. It’s easy for people suffering from it to think that there will never be an end to their pain and constant fatigue.

But the good news is that help is available. In fact, there are many treatment methods out there that can provide relief and improve your quality of life. You don’t have to live in pain.

If you are looking for an alternative treatment method that can help deal with the symptoms of fibromyalgia, try chiropractic treatment. Today we are going to talk about what chiropractors do and how they make use of spinal manipulation to improve your condition.

Pain relief may be as close as your local chiropractor’s office.

What do Chiropractors do?

Can Chiropractic Care HelpChiropractors treat the spine and the rest of the musculoskeletal system using a manual adjustment technique called spinal manipulation. By carefully applying direct force into the targeted areas, your chiropractor can restore your spine’s alignment and improve your overall health.

Chiropractors operate under the philosophy that the body is one large interconnected system. It also has an impressive way of healing itself. But the spine is the center of this entire operation, and if it is misaligned, it can hinder your body’s healing process.

With spinal manipulation, the alignment is restored, and the system’s recovery process is optimized.

They treat the spine, the joints, and the rest of the body using an all-natural method that’s safe and non-invasive. Chiropractors can also provide pain relief by using these same techniques. Adjustments can reduce inflammation and swell in problem areas. This can make the patient feel more relaxed and comfortable.

For fibromyalgia sufferers, this means pain relief and restoring the balance of the skeletal structure through adjustments.

What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia happens to be the second most common condition that affects the bones and muscles. But you may not have heard of it until someone you knew was diagnosed with this condition. That’s because it is often misdiagnosed or misunderstood.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia include muscle pain, depression, draining fatigue, insomnia, and nervousness. As you can see, these symptoms are widespread and affect the whole body. They also resemble other common conditions. Your doctor will want to rule out other possible medical issues before diagnosing fibromyalgia.

Other common symptoms include constipation, diarrhea, headaches, dry mouth, and numbness.

Doctors are generally unsure about what causes it. It is known, however, that women are more likely to get it. Those with other painful diseases like arthritis are also more likely to get fibromyalgia. Conditions like anxiety and depression also seem to have a connection with the syndrome.

Although there is no cure, a combination of medication, exercise, stress management, and healthy habits can ease the symptoms and help you enjoy a normal and active lifestyle. Once the condition has been diagnosed, it should be easy for your doctor to create a treatment program based on your specific needs.

How Does Chiropractic Care Help Patients with Fibromyalgia?

More and more patients have been turning to chiropractic care for pain relief. They like the fact the method is safe, holistic, painless, and non-invasive. It provides pain relief, and it also restores your range of motion.

People with fibromyalgia can benefit from it because a few adjustments to the neck and spine can greatly relieve their chronic pain. It also does not rely on painkillers, which have a high risk of abuse. Those with a history of substance abuse may want to stay away from painkillers, and so these alternatives are always welcome.

A lot of people who suffer from fibromyalgia also have to deal with upper cervical spinal stenosis. A chiropractor who is familiar with this condition can adjust the neck and the head so that the spine isn’t compressed. This can alleviate chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia.

Do take note that spinal manipulation won’t solve the problem on its own. It will simply relieve the symptoms and make life more comfortable.

If you are struggling with fibromyalgia and want to try spinal manipulation, look for a chiropractic clinic near you today!

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