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Reduce Opioid DependenceChiropractic care is the perfect alternative treatment method for those who are looking for a pain relief method that is safe and non-invasive. It also helps that chiropractic is completely natural. This means it does not involve the use of prescription medications and surgery.

But does that mean it can reduce opioid dependence? At a time like this when an opioid epidemic is affecting the country and killing thousands of people each year, it is important to talk about this. Excessive prescription of opioids, irresponsible pain management, inaccessible treatment options—this is some of the causes of the epidemic.

And now that the problems have been identified, it is time to talk about possible solutions. In this aspect, chiropractic care shows a lot of potentials. In fact, some experts believe that it might even help reduce opioid dependency. This could go a long way in combating this massive scale health crisis.

Why is Chiropractic Care a Potential Solution?

Chiropractic treatment is associated with a significant reduction in opioid prescriptions, compared with non-chiropractic care, new research suggests.

In a new meta-analysis and systematic review presented at the American Academy of Pain Medicine (AAPM) 2019 Annual Meeting, patients who visited a chiropractor to help manage a musculoskeletal pain condition were 49 percent less likely to receive an opioid prescription compared to those who went to other health care providers.

This is important because not everybody who suffers from opioid dependence or addiction actually steps forward and seeks treatment. This only makes the problem worse for them as it prevents them from properly recovering. Only addiction treatment and rehabilitation are reliable ways to undo the effects of addiction. And those who do not seek medical assistance are at risk of suffering from an opioid overdose. In some cases, overdose can be fatal.

“Some people develop an addiction to these drugs, even when used under doctor’s guidelines. Across the world preventing opioid addiction and overdose is a significant public health priority; and as part of a strategy to reduce opioid use, clinical guidelines in many countries now recommend many drug-free options to be considered as front-line treatment ahead of any medication,” said chiropractor Dr. Hayden Thomas.

This is where chiropractic treatment comes in. Because it does not make use of pain medications, it reduces the risk of getting addicted in the first place. It prevents patients from developing dependence. It is a reliable way of treating and addressing the sources of pain, without resorting to various opioids.

Chiropractors accomplish this by manually adjusting the spine and putting it in proper alignment. Not only will it make you feel better afterward, but it will also allow the body to repair itself faster and more effectively. It works under the philosophy that the body can function properly if everything is correctly aligned. Chiropractors also restore your mobility and range of motion after an injury or an accident.

Researchers suggest that there is a small but growing amount of scientific literature showing that chiropractic care may be correlated with a reduction in opioid use. But researchers will have to dive deeper to learn just how effective this treatment might be in terms of addressing this specific problem. But the results are promising, and it suggests that chiropractors can at least help in reducing opioid dependence.

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