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X-rays are used by most healthcare providers as a diagnostic tool to assess many different patient complaints. It’s an efficient way to deal with a wide variety of conditions, because it can help doctors identify the source of a problem. It lets them know if there is something else going on in there.

Chiropractors treat a lot of musculoskeletal conditions. But are they included in the list of healthcare providers that use x-ray? They do make use of an alternative treatment method after all. So do they use x-rays? And more importantly, should they use x-rays during treatment? Let’s take a closer look.

X-Rays: An Overview

Should Chiropractors do X-RaysFirst things first: what are x-rays? Well, an x-ray is a vigorous form of electromagnetic radiation. It is similar to radio waves, microwaves, ultraviolet radiation, and visible light. It is used to view the internal composition of a person or an object. It’s mostly used on people, for diagnostic purposes.

During an x-ray, a beam is focused on a certain part of a person’s body. It can be the back, or the chest area. It then produces a digital image of the skeletal structure.

X-rays are used because they are capable of easily passing through skin and other soft tissues, but they are unable to pass through bone and teeth. Denser soft tissue, such as organs, ligaments, and muscles, will also be visible.

Chiropractors and X-Rays

Chiropractors make use of x-rays to acquire vital information regarding the patient’s skeletal system. After all, their entire job is to ensure the health of the musculoskeletal system. They provide spinal adjustments—the spine happens to be an essential part of this system.

It allows them to come up with the best way to treat a patient: how to address the discomfort they are experiencing; what kind of targeted movements to use, etc.

Sometimes, x-rays reveal that chiropractic treatment may not be suitable for the patient at all. This is when the chiropractor will recommend a different kind of approach. They may refer a different kind of healthcare provider, or even just a traditional physician.

X-rays enable chiropractors to provide better, more well-rounded care by facilitating their healing and pain management.

Why Visit a Chiropractor?

Their goal is to improve your overall health. And if they feel that spinal adjustments won’t do you any good, they won’t go ahead and do it anyway. Additionally, there are instances wherein adjustments might actually worsen the patient’s condition: for example, more severe cases of scoliosis or osteoporosis. X-rays help chiropractors see a clear visual representation of your condition.

For most other people, chiropractic treatment can reduce pain and restore their range of motion, making them more comfortable with their movements. This allows people to be more productive and effective while going about their tasks and enjoying life.

There are many other benefits to visiting a chiropractor. They can look for signs of disc degeneration, for example. For athletes, they can help treat sports injuries. They can help relieve pain in the joints, back, muscles, etc—all while using a natural healing method.

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