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The number of people using chiropractic is ever on the increase. In the past year, there has been more than 8% increase in the number of adults who have visited a chiropractor in Traverse City. The reason behind this is the amazing healing properties of chiropractic. Particularly because many people suffer from neurological diseases such as back pain, soft tissue complications, headaches and muscle stiffness. However, there are other people that can benefit from chiropractic care including athletes, office workers, construction workers, manual laborers and also drivers of vehicles and machinery. Occupational hazards can also cause injuries and complications, which can be treated through chiropractic. Here are other complications that can be solved through chiropractic…

What Conditions Can a Chiropractor in Traverse City Treat

Top 4 Reasons People Visit a Chiropractor in Traverse City

Whiplash and Auto Accident Injuries

Injuries from auto accidents are never a good thing. They are painful and have the potential to become long-term complications. A lot of people involved in auto accidents complain of pain and discomfort much later. This can be from injuries such as whiplash, stretched ligaments and also sprained joints. Common complications after an auto accident are neck pain, migraines and back pain. With accidents, the pain can move to other areas of the body. Chiropractic may help solve this by the examining the whole spine and getting to the root cause.

Back Pain

Pain in the lower or mid back is the second most popular neurological complication. It usually emanates from the spinal column when it is under stress. The muscles around the area can even stiffen and you experience a lot of pain. Such tension can be caused by bad posture. Bad posture while seated or standing can cause significant back complications. In addition, trauma from an auto accident can also cause back pain. The chiropractic treatment for back pain is spinal manipulation where a chiropractor will apply force on your vertebra and relieve tension that may help to ease up sprained discs in between your spinal bones.

Athletic Injuries

Chiropractor can administer treatment to the joints and spine to treat sports injuries. It is common to find world famous professional athletes and sports icons visiting the chiropractor in Traverse City. Many injuries can occur in sports that need attention. A sprained ankle, wrist pain or even tennis elbow complications have been known to respond well to chiropractic treatments.

Headaches and Migraines

Contrary to popular belief, headaches can be treated by a chiropractor. This is because most headaches, particularly the ones that are recurrent, emanate from the neck region. The tension in the neck can cause a disruption in the neural system, which can then manifest itself in the form of a headache. Modern medicine uses chemicals to act on the point where the pain is coming from and not the root cause. A neck adjustment has the potential to correct headaches and migraines. Of course, you should make sure you have a highly qualified chiropractor in Traverse City to perform neck adjustments on you.

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