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Barnesville, Minnesota native and Concordia College graduate Karla Wolford is pushing the boundaries of chiropractic care. She has worked with athletes of all levels, from young athletes to college players, and even Olympians. As an athlete herself,

Wolford understands what her clients are going through. While pursuing her master’s degree, she began to notice an important component of care that was missing when it came to athletes.

“My whole project with my master’s was bridging rehab to performance because I saw there was a huge gap,” Wolford said. “People were going through regular chiropractic care or physical therapy and then they were just turning them loose to their sports or activities. They were bringing them to their activities of daily living, which is directed by insurance companies, but they weren’t bringing them to their activities of daily living, they weren’t bringing them to their potential or what they expected to turn back to. And then I saw their injury rates reoccurring.”

Wolford believes there is more to chiropractic care than just cracking backs. Her entire academic and professional journey taught her many things and gave her plenty of experience. After obtaining her undergraduate degree in biology and exercise physiology from Concordia, Wolford graduated with honors from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, California.
After graduate school, she had the opportunity to fly to Fort Lauderdale to work with the athletes in the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP). She now sits on the board of the AVP sports medicine staff. Wolford also runs half of the event tour sites in the country. She works with a staff of medical professionals to ensure that each athlete gets proper care when competing.

During her time in Florida, Wolford adjusted and worked with a multiple-time Olympic beach volleyball player, even being selected by the US Beach Volleyball to travel with Olympic team. It’s safe to say that Wolford has achieved a lot.
“I guess I busted through doors when there weren’t doors and then sometimes I built a house, created a door and then busted through doors.”

Karla Wolford now operates Elevate Human Potential in south Moorhead. “I decided I wanted to take my passion and all the things I had learned over the past decade to the Fargo-Moorhead area because I felt I had a lot to offer and share with the community here with all the things I learned and places I’d been. I felt we needed to have sports medicine done a little different here.”

Wolford now uses chiropractic to make sure her patients stay healthy and avoid injuries. Instead of focusing on pain relief, she focuses on prevention. This is something that she realized during her time with the athletes.

“They weren’t always injured or broken down,” Wolford said. “They were looking at, ‘How do I prevent injury’ and, ‘How do I make myself faster, stronger, healthier, more flexible, more mobile in order to do what I need to do? That’s when I had this epiphany of that’s what I really want to do.”

Now she works on helping clients feel like themselves again. “Whether you’re an Olympic athlete or you just want to go play volleyball on Wednesday night with your friends, if your shoulder doesn’t work, you can’t go play volleyball. Or if you do, you’re going to be paying for it for weeks.”

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