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Have foot pain and feel like you’re walking on an invisible pebble in the ball of your foot? Perhaps you have a Morton’s Neuroma. A neuroma may sound like a dire diagnosis but it’s fairly common and treatable. A neuroma forms when the tissue around the toes’ nerve endings increase and put pressure on these nerves. The result is that burning, tingling, numb feeling in the tips of the toes that can sometimes mimic that “walking on a pebble” feeling.

If you feel this is your issue, consider adjusting your footwear to create more space in the toe box. Tight ski boots and running shoes are just two examples that can cause a neuroma. Consider other passive therapies as well. Custom orthotics can promote proper mechanics in the foot, especially if you are flat-footed. At River of Life, we use active release techniques and deep tissue laser therapy to manually remove pressure from nerves and restore motion. Feel free to ask next time you’re in if you think this pertains to you.

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