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Chiropractic care is an alternative treatment method. And although it is one of the most popular alternative treatments out there—and the fact that it is recommended by Olympians—there are still many people who are afraid to try it out.

A part of this problem is the fact that there are many misconceptions surrounding chiropractic treatment. On this article, we will be focusing on the misconceptions involving chiropractic treatment for babies. Here we will talk about some common myths and what you should know about chiropractors in general. Let’s take a closer look.

Myth Number 1: Chiropractic Treatment is not safe for Babies

Should Babies See ChiropractorsThe number one concern when it comes to chiropractic treatment for babies is that it might not be safe for the little ones. If adults are intimidated by the term “spinal adjustment,” then they’ll definitely feel the same way if it is applied to babies.

But there are two flaws in this way of thinking. First of all, spinal adjustments are actually safe. They are painless, natural, non-invasive, and actually relaxing. Thought the common term is “cracking the back”, there is no actual cracking of bones involved.

The loud popping noise created by spinal manipulation is made by air bubbles that are trapped between joints. As these air bubbles are released, they make the popping sound.

Spinal adjustments on adults are perfectly safe, and millions of these are being delivered by chiropractors every year.

And another thing, chiropractors don’t use spinal adjustments on babies in a similar way they treat adults. Chiropractors are licensed professionals: they know what they’re doing. They won’t make adjustments that are too rough for a baby.

A pediatric chiropractor won’t adjust your baby’s spine like they would an adult spine. Instead, soft pressure is used to make gentle alignments.

Myth Number 2: Babies Cry During Chiropractic Treatment Because it Hurts Them

Spinal manipulation is painless for adults, and especially so for babies. Adjustments themselves aren’t painful, and children often cry because they’re held in a position they are not used to.

Babies cry for a lot of different reasons, and being held by a stranger is almost always the reason why they are uncomfortable.

But what does a chiropractor do that’s worth all the fuss anyway? A chiropractor can help treat a number of different issues like sleep problems, colic, or even ear infections. However, if the child has an ear infection, you should consult with a doctor first and only use chiropractic as a supplemental treatment because antibiotics may still be necessary to cure them.

Babies benefit from tiny adjustments made by chiropractors because it can support their physical development. Gentle chiropractic manipulations can help align the baby’s spine and improve their overall posture. This leads to proper alignment and proper physical development.

If you are interested in the wonderful benefits of chiropractic for your little one, visit a nearby chiropractic clinic today and learn more!

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