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What is a Sports Chiropractor and What do they doWhat is a sports chiropractor and how are they different from your traditional chiropractors? This is a question that’s probably easy to answer, even if you just take a wild guess. But for the purpose of understanding the importance of a sports chiropractor, we have to take a closer look at what they do.

For starters, we should keep in mind that there are hundreds of different specializations that chiropractors can take up. These licensed practitioners have to study for at least two years every time they want to be certified for another specialization—and yes, they can study multiple disciplines under chiropractic care. So what makes sports chiropractors different?

What is a Sports Chiropractor?

As you may have already suspected, sports chiropractors take care of athletes.

Basically, sports chiropractors focus on athletes who are suffering from sports injuries, and people who are in training programs. If you are going through training, or you’re playing a sport competitively, chances are your body is going through a lot of stress. This level of stress is typically beyond that of a person who’s simply exercising every day. The point of training is to go beyond what you can normally do, after all.

And as athletes aim for their peak physical condition, they put themselves in harm’s way, trying to be better. In trying to surpass the competition, they hurt themselves. Many of them end up getting injured and unable to play. It happens all the time. In the worst cases, a sports injury can end an athlete’s career entirely. But assuming it’s not that bad, an injury can be treated with enough time and rest.

Most athletes would rather spend that time training instead of lying in bed, unable to play.

A sports chiropractor understands this. They know the struggle that these athletes are facing. They understand the pressure these players are putting themselves under. And they also understand why it’s important to get back into the game as soon as possible.

Sports chiropractors help reduce an injured athlete’s downtime significantly. The chiropractor will treat existing injuries naturally by using spinal adjustments. They will help reduce pain and inflammation by targeting specific areas that are affected. Of course, the athlete will still have to rest for a bit, but they will be in a better condition to heal up. Sports chiropractors allow players to recover faster by optimizing their body’s natural healing capabilities.

They are also capable of helping the patient prevent injuries in the future by realigning their spine and restoring their range of motion. This is important in sports. If you can move your body properly, there’s a smaller chance of getting injured.

Some professional athletes visit sports chiropractors just to boost their performance. They instantly feel better after a chiropractic session, and they are able to play better afterwards.

Your sports chiropractor will evaluate your condition and help you get back into the game as quickly as possible—without disregarding your safety and recovery, of course. But for most players (those who are not playing professionally), their upcoming games can take a backseat for a while, for the sake of healing.

If you are an athlete suffering from a sports injury, or you simply want to improve your game, talk to your local sports chiropractor and see how they can help you!

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