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Chiropractic treatment has always been about helping people manage their various musculoskeletal conditions by using spinal adjustments. But a lot of patients don’t understand how it works—or what its benefits are. So it’s good to discuss the scope and limitations of chiropractic care.

On this article we will be answering the question “does chiropractic make you taller?”

Chiropractors do plenty of spinal manipulation, so this alternative treatment method should make you taller, right? Well that’s not really the case. While it has a bit of a connection, chiropractic adjusting doesn’t actually increase a person’s height. Let’s take a closer look.

Chiropractic Treatment: Helping You Achieve your Maximum Height

Will Chiropractic Care Make You TallerOkay, so we can say that chiropractic care can help you achieve your maximum height—but this does not mean it changes you by making you taller. The sad truth is that not everyone has the genetics to be six or seven feet tall.

During the process of a person’s growth and development, they need to take advantage of every opportunity to stay healthy. That means getting enough sleep, eating right, and exercising regularly. These are the natural ways to grow taller (healthier, and stronger in general). By keeping our body in great shape, we are allowing it to reach its optimal height potential—which is still dictated by what our genetics allow.

While we can’t control how tall we can grow, we can at least prevent ourselves from falling short of our optimal height. Pun intended. We can eat a balanced meal every day to prevent nutritional deficiencies that can hinder our growth. Simply put: we only have to avoid being under-nourished. Choose healthy foods and you’ll be as tall as you can be.

Other factors come into play as well, of course: length of bone, growth hormones, weight loss, proper nutrition, and spinal alignment are some of the elements that change the way people gain height.

So what is chiropractic’s role in this scenario? How does it help us achieve our maximum height?

Well, it makes use of spinal adjustments to maintain a person’s height. That means addressing issues such as poor posture. A decrease in spinal height for example, can result in poor posture, and so it slowly develops into something like a hunched back.

This kind of spinal condition is not exclusive to older people, mind you. It can start at a very young age and develop slowly over time. Of course, this kind of musculoskeletal problem will affect a person’s height potential.

These abnormal spinal shapes will prevent you from being taller than you could be. Although a height increase is desired by almost everyone who wants to grow taller, doctors of chiropractic don’t actually influence height gains. But a chiropractor can help you address these normal posture issues properly, so that you can stand as tall as your body and your genetics allow you to.

Even before you see a chiropractor you can do basic exercises that will improve your posture significantly. This way, when you visit the chiropractor, they can focus on other bigger issues that may also be present.

Chiropractic treatment will not help you gain more height, but it will help you regain height that you may have lost. Some people aren’t even aware that their posture is affecting their height.

More than preventing height loss, there are so many other health-related reasons why you should visit a chiropractor anyway. They help reduce the discomfort associated with neck pain, mid back pain, disc degeneration, and other conditions through neck adjustments. They could help with various aches and pains in your body, and help you avoid future injuries. Look for a chiropractor near you today.

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