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Chiropractors can diagnose and treat many different types of spinal disorders. They can help patients who are going through nerve pain or discomfort in any part of their musculoskeletal system. Just like other types of doctors, they perform physical and neurological examinations in order to make an accurate diagnosis.

Sometimes your chiropractor will order an x-ray or CT scan in order to properly diagnose your condition. This allows them to better provide the treatment you need. Chiropractors primarily use spinal adjustments in order to realign the spine and facilitate optimal healing. The body has a great way of naturally healing itself, and chiropractors understand that.

But what exactly do they treat? What conditions do chiropractors help with? On this article, we will take a closer look at the specialties of chiropractors. Here we will highlight some of the most common spine-related problems that are usually fixed with spinal manipulation.

Sprains and Strains

What Do They TreatSprains and strains can hinder your productivity. And for those who live an active lifestyle, these injuries are surprisingly common. If you lift weights or play sports, your body goes through lots of physical stress. Sometimes you can stretch the wrong way and hurt yourself.

Sprains and strains are caused when your ligaments are overstretched or torn. You may feel an aching, burning, or stabbing sensation.

Luckily, your chiropractor can set things right. Spinal manipulation is a natural method of providing pain relief. Chiropractors follow a philosophy that allows them to manually solve these problems without relying on painkillers, etc.

Cervicogenic Headaches

Chiropractors can help with headaches that are caused by neck pain. The neck is a vital area of the body. And cervicogenic headaches usually originate from the back of the head. You may feel it in the temples or behind your eyes. You may even mistake it for just another migraine.


If you’ve ever been in a vehicular accident, you’ll know what a whiplash is. It’s a type of injury that affects your neck. It occurs when a motor vehicle is rear-ended. The neck is “whipped” with a sudden forward and backward movement, which leads to a severe neck sprain and/or strain.

Speaking of car accidents, your chiropractor may find a few hidden injuries. These injuries are small but may worsen over time. Just because you don’t feel anything at the moment doesn’t mean it won’t harm you in the future. If you ever get into an accident, visit a chiropractor to make sure nothing is out of place.

Degenerative Disc Disease

This condition is typically associated with aging. As you get older, your intervertebral discs can begin to degenerate. It can break down due to years of strain or misuse. They may lose their flexibility and elasticity. The discs can also become thinner as they get dehydrated.

Herniated Disc

This condition usually occurs in the neck or low back. It can cause pain in the affected areas. Fortunately, your chiropractor can provide some pain relief.

Myofascial Pain

Similarly, myofascial pain can cause deep, aching pain in seemingly unrelated parts of your body. This is also known as chronic pain disorder, and it feels like a “knot” in your muscle.

Sports Injuries

Athletes go through continuous training in order to remain at the top of their game. However, overuse of the muscles can cause all kinds of muscle pain. A chiropractor can ensure that the athlete’s downtime is reduced and that they can recover properly.

Just because it’s an alternative treatment method doesn’t mean it’s not really effective. If you want to try something that’s different from your conventional medical treatments, this is one of the most effective ones out there. If you’re struggling with any of the musculoskeletal conditions we’ve listed above, go and visit the nearest chiropractic clinic today!

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