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Chiropractic care has always somewhat hovered in the gray area between traditional treatment methods and alternative treatment. While standard health care mainly consists of physicians and surgeons, alternative treatment consists of massage therapists and acupuncturists.

But because it can be quite difficult to classify, people often question the legitimacy of chiropractic treatment. Is it real? Is it a good option for those who need medical assistance?

Here we are listing down some of the reasons why you should let go of those doubts and visit a nearby chiropractor.

What is Chiropractic Care?

Spinal Adjustments are legitimateFirst, let’s get one thing out of the way: what is chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care treats musculoskeletal problems using spinal manipulation. It takes a holistic approach when it comes to pain management. Spinal adjustments realign the body in order to optimize its natural healing process.

It may be because of this holistic approach that people think it’s just like going to the spa. And while it is true that spinal adjustments can relax your body, it does so much more than that. This is not the only thing chiropractors can do.

Here are the top five reasons why chiropractic care is legitimate.

Chiropractors Are Licensed Medical Professionals

Chiropractors are licensed in all 50 states and can only perform spinal adjustments in the state where they obtained theirs. But before they can acquire a license, they need to study chiropractic treatment. This is in addition to the four years of academic training that is centered on the sciences. After getting a bachelor’s degree, an aspiring chiropractor needs to study four more years to learn about chiropractic care.

Two years are spent learning about theory: the body, its anatomy, and how spinal adjustments work. The remaining two years are spent in the clinic, learning how to apply their knowledge. Only then can they get their chiropractic degree and head out to get a license.

The Medical Community Recognizes its Benefits

Chiropractic care is often compared to traditional medical practices. People always think it’s “one or the other” when it comes to health and wellness. But it’s actually better to approach this with an open mind in order to get the best results. By combining spinal manipulation with conventional treatment, patients are more likely to get the best results.

The benefits of chiropractic care for pain treatment have been widely accepted for years now within the medical community. And so it is a viable alternative for those who can’t take prescription painkillers, etc. Anyone who wants to take a natural approach should seriously consider chiropractic.

Professional Athletes Work with Chiropractors

Athletes train day in and day out to get into shape; they push themselves to the limit to become better and better. With that in mind, they won’t risk their career to try a health care approach that is not effective.

Olympians, professional athletes, and major sports teams have chiropractors in their medical teams nowadays. They take advantage of chiropractic care and the fact that it is all natural—and therefore completely acceptable in the sports industry.

It’s a way to deal with muscle soreness, sports injuries, and pain, while also relaxing the body and restoring range of motion.

It can help ensure that players are in top condition before and after every game. Chiropractors treat all kinds of musculoskeletal conditions including neck pain, back pain, and even headaches.

There are Good Chiropractors and Bad Ones Too

Public perception is perhaps the biggest problem concerning chiropractic care’s legitimacy. While it’s more popular these days, you can still hear plenty of negative reviews from people who have experienced sub-optimal care from chiropractors.

But of course, there are good chiropractors and bad chiropractors. The truly terrible ones lose their license one way or another. And it takes just a few rotten apples to spoil the bunch, and that’s where the problem lies. People are quick to dismiss alternative treatment methods in general.

Chiropractic Care Does not Cause Stroke

Before today, chiropractors were dealing with the public perception that spinal adjustments could cause a stroke. Fortunately, this has already been proven not to be the case. The risk of suffering a stroke following a chiropractic visit is extremely low, and it is on par with the risk associated with visiting a physician.

People who have recently been in a car accident can rely on chiropractors to restore their range of motion, as well as find hidden injuries.

Severe reactions toward chiropractic adjustments are very rare. Patients are unlikely to experience any adverse effect. If there are risks involved with chiropractic care, they are similar to the risk from surgery or taking medications.

We can even say that prescription painkillers are riskier when it comes to dealing with pain, especially now that there is an opioid epidemic in the country. Opioids are likely to cause addiction, which can lead to overdose.

Look for a chiropractic clinic near you and enjoy the benefits of spinal manipulation today!

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