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A headache is very common and just about everyone has experienced a headache. Headaches can manifest themselves as a throbbing pain, or dull pain depending on the type of headache. Being the most common neurological condition, it is a surprise that it doesn’t top the list of chiropractic cases. Back pain seems to draw more people to a chiropractor than headaches. You will find that most people who experience headaches will take over the counter drugs to provide relief. This can provide temporary relief but does not address the root of the problem. Chiropractic has a different approach to helping with headache relief in Traverse City.

Need Headache Relief

Looking For Headache Relief Headaches may occur due to many reasons. This is because headaches are a sign that something is not right in your body. For example, you may wake up with a headache if you drank or smoked too much the previous night. Bad diet, eye-straining, noise, constipation, dehydration, stress and poor lighting are all examples of things that can cause headaches. The most common headaches, however, are caused by muscle tension. The tension in your back muscles due to bad posture or your neck can cause headaches. With prescription medicine, you only numb the pain of a headache but your muscles are still tense.

A recent study on chiropractic patients has revealed that common headaches may be relieved through chiropractic care. These are tension headaches and migraines. More commonly, spinal bones that are not supporting the head well can cause headaches. This could be because of tension, trauma or bad posture. This phenomenon affects your nerves and muscles. Any subluxations in the spine may result in a headache. This happens because nerve transmission to the brain is interrupted. When you visit a chiropractor for headache relief in Traverse City, you will have some spinal adjustments done to help remove these subluxations.

What is the Significance of These Adjustments?

An adjustment is a technique where the chiropractor uses his finger or palm to exert a force on a vertebra. This helps to align the spinal bones and restore normal function of the neurological system. Spinal adjustments and neck adjustments may correct abnormalities in the spinal column and offer relief from headaches. However, before the chiropractor does this, they will carry out a physical examination to determine whether the cause of a headache is a subluxation in the spine. Accurate diagnosis is important before staring any chiropractic procedure. Do you need a chiropractic diagnosis in Traverse City?

How Long Will it Take for the Headaches to Disappear?

Most patients seeking headache relief in Traverse City will be happy with the results that chiropractic provides and how quickly they get relief. It is normal to expect relief from headache pain after a series of chiropractic adjustments. This can take several weeks. Those who have had chronic headaches for some time may need more time to experience relief.

Another important thing to remember is that you do not have to be having a headache at the moment you visit a chiropractor. If you have been suffering from headaches, you can visit the chiropractor at any time. Remember, chiropractic will need some time before your spine gets back to normal and you experience relief from headaches, So do yourself a favor and set up an appointment to begin the process right away.

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