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A stiff neck is a common occurrence. It can occur if you sleep wrong or even after a day of slouching in front of your office computer. However, there is a huge difference between a stiff neck and experiencing neck pain. The latter can be a searing pain in the neck when you turn your head to either side. This should be a red flag that prompts you to visit a chiropractor for assistance. Many people live with neck pain and pop prescription drugs to alleviate this pain. However, it can still continue to pester you for a long time if the root cause is not corrected. If you are suffering from neck pain in Traverse City, listen up…

Visit a Chiropractor for Neck Pain

Experiencing Neck Pain in Traverse City?

Regular chiropractic visits are a great idea to maintain good spinal and neck health. However, if you have not started yet, it is never too late to begin. If you are suffering from neck pain in Traverse City, the following signs and symptoms should prompt you to visit a chiropractor.

  • You cannot turn your head to either side without experiencing sharp pain
  • You have been experiencing stiff neck or neck pain for the last few days and there are no signs of improvement
  • You experience terrible neck pain in the morning when you wake up which gets a little better as the day progresses
  • You have to use over the counter drugs every day to alleviate neck pain. If you have to constantly treat neck pain with painkillers and other medicinal drugs, it is a good idea to visit the chiropractor’s office
  • You have started experiencing neck pain after a car accident or other serious accidents. This could be a whiplash injury that occurs after a jarring motion of the head and neck
  • You experience neck pain but recently the pain has evolved to numbness and/or tingling in your wrists and hands

If you have any worries about neck pain, you can visit a chiropractor for assistance.

Treatment Available in Traverse City

There are different neck complications that can be treated by a chiropractor. A chiropractor can administer treatment for cervical intervertebral disc complications. These are limited to non-surgical complications; if you need surgery, the chiropractor can refer you to a spine surgeon. Spraining of the neck, as well as degenerated joints in your cervical vertebrae, may be corrected too. Another common neck complication treated by a chiropractor is whiplash, which can be experienced during a car accident.

How Will You be Treated?

Chiropractors are skilled in neck adjustments. Apart from administering cervical vertebrae adjustments, they can be couple it with spinal adjustments and massage therapy. Neck adjustments relieve tension in the neck muscles and also help reduce the neck pain experienced by the patient. Soft tissue massage can help relieve tight muscles as well as address any muscle complications. Spinal adjustments, on the other hand, have a more effective result since your joint motion may be restored helping you to move your neck and back with less or no pain.

For more information, visit the nearest chiropractic center.

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