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What is Active Release TechniqueThough athletes are more prone to injury due to their frequent training, everyone is susceptible to common ones like neck pain, stiff back, and carpal tunnel. If you’ve ever experienced any of these, you know how uncomfortable and distracting they can be.

Some people can get overwhelmed by these sensations, to the point where they find it difficult to concentrate on their tasks. Overall, every kind of injury leaves some sort of negative impact on your daily life—so it’s important to address the problem right away.

Active Release Technique or ART is one of the newer treatment methods that are used by chiropractors and physical therapists alike. On this article we are going to discuss the benefits of Active Release Technique, specifically, the three main benefits that people seek out when trying ART.

ART is focused on identifying tissues that are under stress, and then targeting them with applied pressure so as to relieve discomfort.

Here are the benefits of Active Release Technique:

It Provides Relief from Common Injuries

Common injuries are unavoidable. They happen by accident: sometimes when we’re not being careful, and sometimes some outside element causes it. But whenever you encounter those annoying cuts, sprains, and strains, your entire focus is shifted into the injury itself. So we have to relieve the discomfort as soon as possible, so we can forget about it.

ART can relieve the soft tissue strains and tensions in your muscles. It can even reduce your lower back pain; it can relieve your neck pain; it can ease your shoulder pain; and it can soothe every other type of muscle pain.

In fact, ART is known to help with headache relief as well. While it doesn’t always eliminate the headache all on its own, it can help reduce its intensity. This is good enough to help you concentrate on work or your studies.

For athletes, ART can help them with their sprains, their tennis elbow, their tendonitis, and other conditions caused by overexertion. This way, they can get back into the game more quickly.

It Improves Your Physical Performance

When injured, our movement becomes limited. The pain and the inflammation can hinder us, sometimes to the point where we can’t move without wincing in pain. ART restores your regular range of motion, allowing you to feel normal again. It even improves your flexibility in the process.

ART accelerates the natural healing process, meaning it’s a safe and non-invasive treatment that helps you improve your physical performance.

It Prevents Injuries

Aside from helping you recover from your injuries sooner, ART can also help lessen the chance of further damage. Regular ART treatment sessions can ensure that your body is functioning perfectly. The proper execution of movements is important because it keeps you from harming yourself during exercise, or any physically demanding activity.

Overall, ART can help improve your quality of life by simply targeting the soft tissues that are causing you pain. It promotes muscle recovery while reducing the tightness in your joints.

Talk to your chiropractor about Active Release Technique today!

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